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  1. LCB $250 August Contest – Lets Play Roulette August is the last month of summer for many parts of the world and for us gamblers why not go out with a big bang and have a contest that has you shouting and rooting for your favorite Roulette numbers! If you are not a Roulette player, no worries it is a fun way to get your feet wet. To play simply pick a number daily between 0 and 36 on the American Roulette board to choose from. We will be using the straight numbers for this game no even/odds or black /red etc. will count. To play the Free Roulette Game i will be spinning check it out here Free 3D Roulette Game Every day I will spin the wheel on our American Roulette Wheel from our Free Games, copy the image and the member that comes closest without going over wins! The $250 LCB Shop Cash Prize Pool with 14 Winners!: 1 - $50 1 - $40 1 - $35 1 - $30 1 - $25 1 - $20 2 - 10 6 - $5 To access your LCB Shop Cash find the drop down menu under your name in the top left corner above the header and click “Redeem Credits”. Purchase gifts in our shop with your LCB Shop Cash. It’s as easy as that! RULES 1. Only ONE post is permitted per day per challenge. 2. To qualify for this contest you must be a member for at least one month. In this case only members that have joined on or before July 10th, 2016 are eligible. 3. Any member having more than one account to enter contest will be disqualified. 4. Contest period will end when all we prize winners have been declared. 5. LCB has the right to end this contest or amend at any time and void all wins should any unforeseen issues arise or abuse is indicated. 6. LCB Cash can ONLY be redeemed in the LCB Shop. 7. Prize money can be redeemed immediately or can be accumulated to save for bigger prizes. 8. Max number of times a member can win in a single contest is TWO times. In the event a member has a total of TWO wins they can no longer participate or give out any answers or it will result in losing one of or all of your prizes. Prizes for winners will be determined by random draw process and announced shortly after end of the contest.
  2. To all the wonderful LCB psychics.........Congrats! Your accounts will be credits shortly. $50 - mflansburg $40 -Jorge Talavera $35 - akandan $30 - advoghado $25 - Fedorfan $20 - izi90 $10 - vixiedina $10 - wuzziern $5 - eberetta1, pascal79, rena35, mflansburg, shirlsplay and izi90
  3. This contest is now CLOSED thank you to all who participated! Prize distribution will be announced soon!
  4. Congrats you were the first who came the closest without going over and will be added to prize draw.
  5. You guessed closest without going over! Congrats you are in the prize draw!
  6. Wowzer you knocked it out of the ball park! Congrats you will be added to prize draw.
  7. Congrats you came the closest without going over and will be added to prize draw!
  8. Nobody even came close! There is not even a card under mine............lets try this again and let everyone go for a second guess!
  9. Day 7 is Queen of Spades - congrats you win! Congrats you won day 8 with Jack of Spades at win be added to prize draw! Wow those were won right away!
  10. Yes ma'am! You are on it! Congrats you will be added to prize draw.
  11. Your intuition is spot on! Congrats you will be added to prize draw.
  12. No Way! I thought for sure there was going to be lots of winners who came close but not come up with exact answer! Amazing.......you are the winner and will be added to prize draw.
  13. Wow are you psychic? The is the exact card i had on my mind! Congrats you will be added to prize draw.
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