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  1. Congratulations to all the winners. LCB is really the BEST site out there. They not only help members with problems when they come up and share valuable information, but also have contests every month giving out free money! Where else could you find that? Nowhere I say. medtrans
  2. Lips and LCB, Very nice of you to try to get people to quit smoking. I am a smoker and just can't kick the habit. I can't imagine gambling and not smoking or having that cup of coffee without a ciggy. I have smoked now for many years and in my opinion it is too late. I know I will hear from everyone it is never too late, but that is how I feel. Anyway good luck everyone in this contest. I don't think I will be back to this thread as I already saw a few pictures posted and not what I want to see. All of us smokers know it is a bad, bad habit. I don't need to see any more photos of what it can do to you. medtrans
  3. What a game! Hope you guys watched it. Rodgers to Rodgers 61 yard hail mary touchdown pass with 0 seconds left in the game. i guess it was payback for the pass interference call on Detroit that the refs didn't make a few plays earlier. In the end a great game and much needed win for the Packers. medtrans
  4. What is going on in NFL Football? This last week in 11 of the 14 games underdogs won Outright! Not with the point spread, they just plain won. Amazing! medtrans
  5. Yes I am worried!!! That's what I get for being so cocky. And I think the Packers were too cocky too thinking no way they would lose to the lowly Lions. We have Minnesota on Sunday and then da Bears on Thanksgiving. Like I said....I am worried. Big time!!! medtrans
  6. To all Bear Fans: Enjoy your brief high. Come Thanksgiving night the Packers are gonna crush the Bears!!! Woo Hoo! :) medtrans
  7. So disappointed!!! The Packers did not play a good game and you are so right about Denver's defense. The Packers defense needs to improve for sure. But I am confident they will be back! medtrans
  8. Well.... as of today Packers are 6-0 and Bears are 2-4. Thanksgiving will be so great this year. We shall have a nice Thanksgiving meal and then watch the Packers crush the Bears in the night game. As in past years I will be at the Island Casino in Michigan. Nothing better than watching football while playing video poker at the bar. Can't wait!!! medtrans
  9. Sorry Lips and Froggy. At least the Cubs got to the playoffs. Brewers were nowhere around. But hey....how about them PACKERS!!! woo woo medtrans
  10. What an ugly game! Houston had what? About 25 penalties?? >:( I took Houston and am so sorry I did. medtrans
  11. LCB...what can I say. Always looking out for their members and always offering fun ways to keep it interesting. I couldn't figure out any of the pictures, but congrats to all the winners who did. Great forum with wonderful mods! Thanks for all you do. medtrans
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