Update: German Heads of State to Discuss DOSB proposal

Feb 23, 2011
Current Gambling Treaty will expire in late 2011, new dual model proposed to trial for two years

German Olympic Sports Federation, Deutsche Olympische Sportbund (DOSB), The German Football League (DFL) and the Sports Aid Foundation have submitted for consideration to the heads of state their proposal of new regulated and liberalised gaming market in Germany.

As the present Gambling Treaty will expire in late 2011, DOSB proposes a trial period of two years for its draft regulation starting from 2012.

The Germany's sixteen heads of state will discuss the proposal at their forthcoming gathering scheduled for this week. The proposal basically offers a dual model, maintaining the status of the State lottery as a state-run monopoly, but modifying the sportsbetting sector by including private providers while ensuring that licencing and admission requirements (e.g. reliability, liquidity, collateral, etc.) are covered by relevant legislations.

The DOSB proposal includes also the tax on betting turnover set at three to ten percent for licensed private operators.

Although the State estimates the sportsbetting market in Germany at Euro 200 million, Michael Vesper DOSB-General says the figures are much higher, even between three and seven billion Euros.
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