Bet on Boxing

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How to bet boxing

– Selecting a champion in the ring involves some basic research of the opponents and knowledge of some basic statistics. With a little analytical profiling an efficient gambler should be able to picture a fight in his own warped mind, and then have fun watching to see how it comes out.

Below are several things to consider:

Tale of The Tape

– This standard listing for every fight reveals things like height, weight, age, reach, record and experience. Sometimes you a can find a mismatch right off. For instance, a boxer with many more wins by knockout should tell you something. Or a southpaw (left-handed) boxer may have an advantage.

Previous Opponents

– What level of competition has the fighter faced? A mismatch can show up here as well. Check to see if the fighters in a boxing match possess good boxing records due to picking and choosing their battles wisely or because they are just really great boxers. Some fighters choose fights solely on the amount of money they will get for the fight while others fight for a championship belt, etc.

Boxing styles

– Does a fighter punch hard or jab fast? Does he or she bounce on their feet or walk patiently around the ring? Does he or she brawl or pick and choose opportunities to fight? And how does that fighter’s style match up with his or her foe’s style? There are a lot of films and tapes of previous fights on the internet that will help you pick up information on the majority of boxers.

Physical condition

– The fighter should be well trained. They should be keeping his or her weight and looking fit and in great fighting shape. Look into who is the fighter’s trainer.


– Check to see if a boxer has fought well in his most recent bouts. If he or she has been struggling, there could be trouble in their upcoming fight.


– This applies to boxing in which fighter wants it more. Some fighters are hungrier than others to win the fight.

Method of Victory:

  1. TKO– Technical Knock Out
  2. Disqualification– Fighter gets Disqualified
  3. KO– Knock Out
  4. Decision– Judges decide the winner at the end of all scheduled rounds