Imposes 16% Processing Fee on Deposits

Sep 04, 2016 Imposes 16% Processing Fee on Deposits
First off, and I've got my hand on my hip when I say this, if any online gambling operator charges a fee for making a deposit, forget your login details and move on to another site. Of course this applies to standard deposit methods like a credit/debit card, bitcoin or e-wallet. With that said, we received an interesting email from, an online bookie, casino etc., informing us of an increase in the processing fee for deposits. All this did was raise more questions like which deposits methods this applies to and whether they are passing this expense on to players or affiliates.

Here's what the email said:

“Due to the rising costs of player processing, we will be making an increase in processing fees for player deposits. As of September 4th 2016 deposit fees will be calculated at 16%.

“Thank you for your understanding.”

Our first thought was that we needed to get more information so off to the site we went. There are fees for person to person transfers (these are payment options available since they accept US players) but none mentioned for Visa, Mastercard or Bitcoin. In fact, the FAQ's – as of September 3, 2016 – stated: “There is no fee charged when using your credit card to deposit funds with BookMaker. All transactions appear as purchase and we absorb any and all processing fees.”

Next stop customer service. Live support knew nothing of the notification or the fee increase, which is interesting considering this was to become effective the very next day. On the other hand, if affiliates are intended to pay this fee then the player support department may have been left in the dark.

The word 'increase' is key because it implies that there was a fee already in place, right? The only charge we could find for funding methods was related to handling fees for person to person transfers. In this case there's no percentage to increase but rather a flat fee of $7 for transfers under $300 and $14 for transfers over $300.

As of the supposed effective date there was no sign of any additional deposit fee in the cashier. We've got our eye on this and you guys will be first to receive an update once we know more.
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